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Chesapeake, VA Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach is proud to serve the Chesapeake, VA area with top quality LED landscape lighting design, installation, and service. We offer the best LED landscape lighting in the industry with gorgeous lights that will not only withstand the elements but will weather beautifully, looking lovely within your landscaping.

Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting in Chesapeake, VA

While you may be familiar with outdoor lighting, you may not know all the intricacies which go into making your outdoor lighting system as effective as possible. First, standard line lighting is normally not recommended. For most residential installations, incandescent or standard line lighting can be immediately ruled out. The installation requires extensive excavation. Not only is the excavation cost high, it can damage tree and shrub roots wreaking havoc on your landscaping. Standard line lighting could be a viable option for a new build–but even then, your other options are usually better.

It’s for this very reason we, at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach, offer only the top-quality brass and copper low-voltage outdoor lighting fixtures. Low-voltage outdoor lighting most often means halogen or LED outdoor lighting. Low-voltage halogen or LED lighting are both excellent choices:

  • Low voltage offers safety benefits over line voltage.
  • Low-voltage lights are affordable.
  • Well-designed low-voltage systems will almost always use substantially less energy than standard line voltage.
  • The halogen bulbs offer an attractive light that portrays surroundings in their true colors.
  • Halogen bulbs offer the brightness and directional capabilities needed.
  • Halogen bulbs provide a relatively long bulb life.

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